Sponsorship 2018

For 2018 there will be a few changes on what DT are allowed to use only Single images only no sets and any image under $2.00
You must use it for the challenge when requesting an image too and you will get only the full size image.
Thanks so much Nikki



Birds,Owls,and their Houses all in one place
You can never have enough Birds in your collection there is something 
here for every season 

Get all 5 Birdhouses for Only $7.50

BIRDS 1-10

Birds 1-10

BIRDS 11-20

Birds 11-20
Birds - 21-30

Birds 21-30
Birds 31-40

Birds 31-40
Birds 41-50
Get All 3 Elmo Digi for Only $4.00

Birds 41-50

Birds - 51-60
Little Boo Boo Penguin 1 in this picture is actually Penguin 2 will fix it shortly so if you go to buy him he's #2 

Birds 51-60

Birds 61-70

Birds 61-70


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